Economics with Justice

Despairing at the poverty of the 1930s, our founder sought answers that conventional economics couldn’t provide.

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Today, Economics with Justice offers a fresh, human perspective on conventional economic wisdom

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Introductory Economics with Justice

A FREE ten-week starter course looking at economics on a human level and the philosophies and principles at work in society

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Economics with Justice Part 2: Ideas

A ten-week follow-up course examining the key ideas that shape the way we think and relate to others

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Economics with Justice Part 3: Growth

Combining the latest thinking with a more traditional approach to human values

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Economic Monitor

Read our latest articles and view lectures in our online magazine, Economic Monitor.

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Other courses available

Horizons - Saturday studies

Join us in Central London as we bring philosophy to life with a wide selection of Saturday morning courses

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Practical Philosophy

Examine how the combined wisdom of East and West can help us find freedom, happiness and fulfilment

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