practical philosophy students

Longstanding practical philosophy students chatting during a break on a residential programme


“It shows what is possible when a bunch of strangers meet up and discover how much they have in common.”
George, solicitor

Philosophy Courses

Philosophy – ‘the love, study, or pursuit of wisdom, or of knowledge of things and their causes’ – has been the School of Economic Science’s core subject since the early 60s.

The School makes no claim to cover all philosophical systems. However, its main area of study, Advaita, is very broad in nature and encompasses in its essence a wide range of spiritual and philosophical teachings from both East and West. This includes much of the teaching of Plato/Socrates and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

The study of practical philosophy in the School values personal experience and observation above theoretical learning. This is based on the idea that we can only ever really know something if we experience it ourselves.