Lunchtime Escapes

Free entry, all are welcome.

At 1pm during term-time
Talks on every other Tuesday
Stillness and Meditation on every Wednesday
(except half term)


28 January     Margot Camp         Plato’s Seventh Letter

This letter, which  is considered authentic by most scholars, gives a fascinating insight into Plato’s life.

11 February    Ian Murdoch     The Levels of Law in the Nation

The Common law of our judicial system is a vital part of our country’s rich tradition. It flows from both Divine and Natural laws, as Ian will explain.  Ian will touch also on the Constitution of the nation.

25 February     David Hipshon     Charlemagne: the founder of Europe?

The life of Charles the Great, known as Charlemagne, his reign and his legacy. Seen by both France and Germany as their founder, his reign made a significant contribution to the ‘idea of Europe’ after the dissolution of the Roman Empire.

10 March         Paul Moss               The Essence of Leadership

Paul has held many positions of leadership in education.  There is no shortage of ideas about leadership in the modern world.  Paul will discuss, in simple terms, leadership that is governed by what is true and lawful.

24 March        Richard Abramson             Shakespeare: ‘More light, more light!’  (cancelled)

The title quotation is from Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare often uses light as a metaphor for knowledge. Richard will extend his recent talk on self-knowledge in Shakespeare to throw still more light on the subject.




Stillness and Meditation

1pm on Wednesday

Spring 2020:  22 January to 25 March, excluding 19 February. 

In our busy environment constant activity without the chance of repose drains your resources physically and mentally. To be inwardly still through the practice of meditation corrects the imbalance, relieves tensions and restores equilibrium. If you meditate or would like to experience stillness, come and join a practice of meditation. We will introduce the practice, have a quiet time together, and there will be the opportunity to ask any questions.  Take a moment of repose and restore your vital energy.