Horizons - Saturday studies

Join us in Central London as we bring philosophy to life with a wide selection of Saturday morning Horizons courses.

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Plato’s Meno

Sanskrit Foundation Courses – Parts 3 and 8

The Fine Art of Calligraphy

The Confident Voice - ON SABBATICAL

The Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit)

Ayurveda for Everyone


The Fine Art of Calligraphy

Marsilio Ficino and Love

Discovering  Poetry

Vedic Mythology of Ancient India

Plotinus – The Intellect

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11.15am: Discovering Poetry

Engage with reading English poetry and with writing your own

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11.15am: Marsilio Ficino on the Nature of Love

Discover this leading scholar, philosopher and priest of fifteenth century Florence's view on love

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9.30am: Plato’s Meno

In conversation with Meno, Socrates seeks to discover excellence or virtue and what that is in the human soul

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9.30am: The Confident Voice

This course will not run in the Summer term as the course presenter is taking a sabbatical

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9.30am: The Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit

Continuing chapter 2, the class will study the Bhagavad Gita systematically in the original Sanskrit

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11.15am: Upanishad Studies

Study the Upanishad and practice reflection on vedic mantras

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9.30am: Ayurveda - For everyone

Learn about this ancient system of healing

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11.15am: Plotinus - The Intellect

Discover Plotinus, a philosopher in the Platonic tradition, writing some 600 years after Plato

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9.30am: Sanskrit Foundation Course - Part 3

Continue your study of Sanskrit with the theory and practice of simple sentences

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9.30am: Sanskrit Foundation Course - Part 8

Continue your study of Sanskrit with simple stories, conversation and chanting

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The Fine Art of Calligraphy

Two consecutive sessions with a break. Discover the beauty of letters, and the stillness of practice

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11.15am: Vedic Mythology of Ancient India

Learn about the Vedas, Upanishads, Vedangas, particularly Jyotish, Vedic Cosmology, and the great epics

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Other courses available

Economics with Justice

Examine the economic principles at work in society that help us live together in peace and prosperity

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Practical Philosophy

Examine how the combined wisdom of East and West can help us find freedom, happiness and fulfilment

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