9.30am: The Confident Voice

Presenter: Neville Wortman | Voice coach and former BBC staff producer

9:30 – 10:45

Dates: Saturdays from 4 May
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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    Horizons – Confident Voice Summer 2019 (9.30)


What we are learning

Dates: Saturdays from 4 May
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ

Stand and deliver! Like travellers in times gone by – are you filled with trepidation and uncertainty at the prospect of being challenged to “stand and deliver” - a speech. The Confident Voice delivers just that.   Some students attend from many countries, vocations and professions - people who come to discover the value of real communication. Many confirm it opens doors to what one really wants to do in life. Here is a light-hearted approach to practicing the finest words in this great English language including that of Shakespeare, the master. Increase your vocabulary, develop voice, gesture and movement in business and social affairs. Enrich your presentations whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever the size of audience. And open horizons.

This course is often fully subscribed so it is advisable to book early for your place.

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