Further Economics with Justice

Our Further Economics group, for those who have attended the first three parts of Economics with Justice. Available on Wednesday evenings.
Dates: 23 Sept - 07 Dec
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ
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Dates: 23 Sept - 07 Dec
Where: 11 Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ

Further Economics – from Richard Glover (tutor)

Further Economics meets on Wednesday evenings for lively discussion and continuing exploration of this wonderful subject. Last term we rounded off our studies of banking, credit and money by working through the book “Where does the Money Come From?” [NEF 2011]. It was then back to basics as we used a new book on economics to explore those time-honoured concepts of land, work and capital, but in the context of today's UK. There have been several surprises as to just how relevant these are.

During this term we aim to use this book to help our consideration of economic principles applicable today for each of "Structure of Industry", Property", "Taxation", "Public Expenditure", "Money, Banking and Interest", "Transport", "Housing", "Public Utilities", and "Retailing". Anyone who has at some time completed the Economics with Justice course is welcome to join in. There is time and opportunity to catch up. Bring along your enthusiasm and interest in the subject!

Enrol online or on the phone by 20 July, or via Direct Debit before 15 August to benefit from the discounted rate of £100 (£120 standard).

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