Here you can find a number of films the School has made, of events and lectures we have held and also our history of the School, entitled 'A Search for Truth'. You can find out more about upcoming events on our News & Events page.

Donald Lambie: The Purifying Power of Practical Philosophy

Donald Lambie, the Senior Tutor at the School, tells an audience in Melbourne about the power of Practical Philosophy.
Filmed July 2017

A Search for Truth

If you have ever wondered about the roots of the School, where we started and how, we’ve produced a short film to introduce it. The film is only seven minutes long and introduces our founder, Leon MacLaren, and the history of the Practical Philosophy that we now share.

Summer Lectures 2017 – David Horan: Plato’s Rival

David Horan, Platonic scholar, translator and Head of the School of Philosophy & Economic Science in Ireland, will reveal how Plato was accused by Isocrates of being an ‘impractical, idle talker’, claiming that he, not Plato ‘was properly engaging in philosophy.’  This talk will identify the radical differences in their approaches and discuss the vital role of philosophy then and in today’s world.
Filmed 03 August 2017

Summer Lectures 2017 – Christine Lambie: Slavery or Freedom? A choice every day of our lives

How did a Roman slave, a fighter pilot and a modern psychotherapist share a common interest in stoical behaviour?  Classicist Christine Lambie will explain, illustrating the influence on modern thinking of the greatest stoic, Epictetus.
Filmed 31 August 2017

Summer Lectures 2017 – Principal’s Lecture: The Ever Present Law

What are the principles that can allow an expanding human race to continue to live on earth in harmony with nature?  Why do the great majority of human beings behave lawfully most of the time?  Where does our innate sense of lawfulness come from?  How is this shaped by our moral and philosophical values?  Ian Mason, Principal of the School, will offer a perspective.
Filmed 07 September 2017

The Annual Language Lecture 2017 – Self Illumination

‘Self Illumination’ is a Sanskrit text that expounds non-duality and has recently been translated into English. It teaches that there is only consciousness and nothing else.  Warwick Jessup, the translator,  will explore the philosophy of this work, and then take questions.
Filmed 06 June 2017

Meditation – The Relaxation Response

Peter McLoughlin, a student of the School, spoke to an audience in London about the latest scientific insights into meditation.
Filmed 07 November 2017

Guest Speaker – Lord Skidelsky: Austerity – Ten Years On

We were delighted to host Lord Skidelsky, who discussed macroeconomic policy since the financial crisis and the case for an enlarged investment role for the state in a modern enterprise economy. The lecture was chaired by Ian Mason, Principal of the School of Economic Science.
Filmed 10 October 2017