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Here you can stay up to date with developments at the School, and our upcoming events

Upcoming events

  • 05Mar

    Music at Mandeville

    6pm - 6.45pm

    Weekly rush-hour concerts, starts 25 Feb

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  • 28Apr

    Celebration of the Wisdom of Women


    Discovering and uncovering inspiring work of wise women

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  • 23Jan

    Stillness & Meditation at Mandeville Place

    1pm - 1.45pm

    Experience meditation and stillness. Every Wednesday from 23 January

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  • 29Jan

    Lunchtime Escapes at Mandeville Place

    1pm - 1.45pm

    Escape from the pressures of life for a short time. Tuesdays from 29 January

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  • 20Mar

    The Annual Economics Lecture 2019: Being Human

    7.15pm - 9.30pm

    Being Humann: given by Ian Mason

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